In addition to establishing the brand itself, we also organized photoshoots to showcase the products.

PRODUKT is a multi-area brand selling everything from streetwear fashion to lifestyle goods and accessories. For the launch of the webshop, we defined a brand identity, designed logo and corporate guidelines, helped with the design and packaging of the products, organized and finalized photoshoots and developed the online store itself. The brand aims to grow their product range continuously. Therefore, we selected an easily manageable cms and designed the shopping-experience for the customer accordingly. ↗︎

We developed the online shop to accept payments from countless vendors and ship globally
We envisiond 'PRODUKT' as a lifestyle brand with stylish products from multiple areas
To keep the maintenance cost of our client low, we built the shop around a CMS for easy inventory, administration and expansion.
A perfume flask we designed for the brand.
Logo for the brand: PRODUKT